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Referring to the medical clinic at the management of pregnancy, a woman can expect not only a health care professional, but also emotional involvement on the part of the gynecologist and obstetrician . Wait addition – a special state of the female body, for which the same characteristic joy and anxiety, and fear of the upcoming childbirth, and worry about the health of the baby. The emotional mood of women in this period is very important. Therefore wise to choose as early as possible sensitivity specialist to meet with an obstetrician, to register and sign a contract for the management of pregnancy and childbirth – this will save you from unnecessary anxiety or fear of the unknown. I truly experienced person there to answer any of your questions, and together you should be able to get out of any difficult situation.

In the presence of personal contact with a doctor, a woman has the opportunity to contact him at any time. Understanding your condition and its specificity, the doctor will always be able to give you not only a qualified medical, but also psychological counseling.

If you are pregnant …

Are you looking for prenatal care center in Moscow? Then you are at the right address: Center of Traditional Midwifery and Family Medicine offers two programs, we are working with future moms:

  • The “Basic”
  • The “Exclusive”

Both of these programs include the design of a complete package of medical documents (such as maternity leaves and exchange cards), as well as comprehensive information, psychological and medical support for women. We provide a comprehensive modern antenatal courses and complete care in the postpartum period.

Of course, you can choose a traditional prenatal care at the hospital, in “your” women’s clinic in the community. But the pay-pregnancy care in CTA – this is your chance to find personal doctor. Our experts will provide you with delivery at your chosen hospital – according to your wishes. The cost of pregnancy in each case is individual, as an individual and your own health and condition. Your doctor will choose for you personal program. It will include not only visits to the gynecologist and standard clinical research, but also full communion with the doctor who knows about you and your baby all.

You will learn:

  • understand and adequately assess the changes taking place with you;
  • communicate with your baby before a direct meeting with him;
  • feel your body, to participate actively in the process of giving birth and restore its function in the postpartum period;
  • care of the newborn.

Approximate prices for pregnancy care specialists CTA you can find on our site.

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