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Advice to individuals

Each of us at least once in their lives visited a doctor. We come to the clinic to be treated when we are sick. Often we come there just for obtaining sick leave for our employer when sick we miss work or school. However, few people think about these important issues, “Why we get sick?” And “How to stay healthy?”

Tragically, many of you will continue to self-medicate, which is known to be dangerous.

I have no inclination to blame for such an approach to their health only by the patient, because I understand that the health care system in this country (as well as in all the other major countries of the world) is not perfect, and is undergoing a series of constant metamorphosis. Often, the doctor simply do not have time to tell the patient fully about how it works and how his body. We are actually diagnose the disease and prescribe the best treatment.

Of course, we warn patients about the need to strictly adhere to their treatment regimens, and say why you should not self-medicate. But tell all that we know, we can not technically. To do this, we would need to give each of his patient in a lecture at the medical university for 6 years! And then two years of additional training, as part of a study of a small group of diseases that interests him.

At the moment, introduced a new health law, which is a point of informed consent. Later, I will devote a separate article to him. Here I want to say that this is a breakthrough in Russian medicine because informed consent to medical manipulation means that a doctor is available patient explained the feasibility designated procedures.

But this does not guarantee that the time allocated for one of his doctor patient enough to clarify all the details of the process.

In this project, I do not do any treatment or diagnosis of diseases. I explain to them in a simple understandable language, for as long as it takes for you to understand how your body works and what happens to them when you are sick.

I basically did not direct you to all the doctors, to avoid prejudice. But I tell you what questions you ask any doctor or pharmacist to make your examination and treatment effective.

With kind regards and best wishes, Catherine Kudryavtseva – your consultant.