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Jean Jackson Open Petition:
Man I absolutely love this article drunk,? sober, or stoned it rocks me like a south bound train.
Go daddy its the? first. Useful article.
Ogum is very sexy?

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mitya97 Says:

How do i get this article? I? tried iTunes and cant find it… :(

HeKP0MaHT Says:

One could say Tibetan’s genocide by the Chinese is a “Demographics Shift”.. Anti-Whites will call it out for the genocide it is.. One could say White? guys’s genocide by anti-Whites is a “Demographics Shift”.. Anti-Whites will deny it is genocide and call anyone who opposes them names.. “Demographics shift” is code for purposely changing White countries into non-White countries, aka genocide.. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Straxmax Says:

Good use of supply and? demand curves. The market will always be volatile. Prisoner’s dilemma type games make it inevitable that producers will oversupply, crash, then undersupply, and the price will always yo-yo. But the idea expressed in comments that mankind is on a permanent downhill is ludicrous. Many other sources of energy present themselves and have not been exhausted.

mishapatap Says:

name the other doctors?


Vote for Bon Jovi? ‘Best Live Act’ on the EMA’s!

Jason Gooch Says:

Are there any side effects with this product? Any adverse reactions? when used with alcohol?

vborskij Says:

Rebbi is the oldest of the Jackson children.? She’s Michael Jackson’s oldest sister.

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